Vision & Mission

Mastering Ethical Way..


"Kelani Valley Plantations-products of excellence"


To optimize plantation productivity and ensure highest quality by harnessing and developing employees whilst improving the quality of life of the community and securing an acceptable return on investment.


We strive to do our best for our stakeholders in the following ways:
  • Our Customers: We provide consistently good quality products and excellent service at competitive prices, whilst ensuring continuity of supplies. We are conscious of customer requirements and ever changing market trends and orient our production to suit specific needs.
  • Our Employees: We care for our employees and create a favorable environment for their participation in managing our affairs, thereby increasing productivity. We develop and create individuals who feel contended and secure in their jobs. We recognize merit.
  • Our Suppliers: We establish mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers based on trust, quality and reliability. We treat them as we wish to be treated ourselves.
  • Our Owners: We enhance the reputation of the company true conformity to high levels of conduct. We generate adequate return and ensure security on / their investments enough by maintaining high viability long term stability.
  • Our Competitors: We view our competitors as a source of inspiration to our own advancement. We are conscious of their strength and weaknesses and compete for market superiority without resorting to unethical practices but maintain close cooperation on common issues.
  • Our Country and the World: We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner. We are aware of the changing environment and contribute enhancing the quality of life for a better Sri Lanka and a better world.