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A Home for Every Plantation Worker

The "Home for Every planation Worker programme", is a unique effort that epitomizes our vision of community care. First launched in 2006 as a CSR initiative for the benefit of the plantation workforce, the programme has since grown to become KVPL's flagship CSR effort applied across all our 25 estates, and act as KVPL's key sustainability framework

Being a plantation Company, KVPL is responsible for the wellbeing of 58,000 people including workforce and community. Striving to maximize value created for these stakeholders whose socio-economic status is heavily dependent on the Company, we have recently expanded our social responsibility parameters to move away from the purely philanthropic stance adopted in the past, in favour of a more strategic approach to;

  • Create a more conducive work environment for the plantation workforce with due consideration of their physical, social and physiological wellbeing.
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with plantation workers and communities through continuous and ongoing engagement and open communication.
  • Uplift the quality of life of our plantation workforce and the plantation communities through consistent investments that minimize socio-economic inequalities.
  • Increase the employee motivation and commitment in order to enhance productivity that will serve as a key lever for growth.
  • Foster a familial culture unique to our company's.
  • Depict the company as a good social steward.