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Products - Rubber

Sole Crepe

KVPL's internationally recognized processing centers viz- Dewalakanda...

and Panawatta are specialized in Sole Crepe Crepe manufacture, and produce over 500 metric tons annually. Our Sole Crepe is manufactured from clean pure white latex coming from FSC certified Rubber plantations and processed at factories which complies with FSC Chain of Custody.

Natural rubber Sole Crepe has been tried and tested for many decades and has been accepted as the most suitable material for manufacture of shoes used in icy surfaces. Sole Crepe is produced in three different textures namely, SMOOTH,PEBBLY & RIBBED, and comes in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 15mm.Coloured Sole Crepe can be produced to match customer requirements.

Latex Crepe

We produce FSC certified Latex Crepe. It is used in high end medical equipment,...

baby teats etc. which come in direct with the human body and in the adhesive industry. Latex Crepe and Sole Crepe of Sri Lanka origin is probably the most unadulterated natural rubber product made for human use, and is manufactured after reducing the protein level naturally present in the rubber to the very minimum and free of leachable chemicals.

Centrifuged Latex

KVPL Is also capable of producing FSC and GOLS certified Centrifuged Latex...

in our production facility which has FSC chain of custody and GOLS certification.

Scrap Crepe

Scrap Crepe is manufactured by mixing curly scrap and cup lumps...

This is our equivalent to TSR 20,but contains far less dirt content.

Skim Crepe

Skim crepe is manufactured in our dedicated processing center...

using the serum coming out of Centrifuge process.

Belt Cleaners

We Produced belt cleaners in various sizes to suit individual customer requirements.

in our production facility witch has FSC chain of custody.

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