Mastering Ethical Way..

Kelani Valley Plantations PLC, belongs to country's one of the largest and best performing plantations business segment, Hayleys Plantations Sector, have always been intricately connected to the people as our key resource, which makes our ethical and sustainable plantations business, grow and flourish. We have launched our unique, innovative and globally recognized Human Resource Management model in order to optimize the human productivity which adds value to be competitive in the plantation business operations, and meantime to enhance the quality of life and quality of work-life of our most valuable plantation community.

Our unique Human Resource Management model.

"Hayleys Kelani Valley plantations , HRM model is a unique combination of conventional human resource management practices and human care for 24 * 365 days, from birth to death, not only for our 9500+ direct work-force, but also for 58,000+ plantation community"

One of the key pillar of our people development strategy is to invest more on training and development, in order to strengthen the skills, technical and behavioral competencies of our all the segments in human resources, including management & executives, staff categories and most valuable work-force which represent 93% of total work-force.

We have recorded YOY significant boost on investing for training and development which includes local as well as foreign training opportunities on the areas such as senior leadership development, management development, business innovations as highest priorities among the list. We have benchmarked the training and development in the industry, by recording one of the highest training head count, training person hours and total training investment. Last financial year we have recorded highest ever raining investment in our history of LKR 12.5 Mn.

Our unique and innovative Human Resource Management model has produced immense qualitative and quantitative results which help us to face various challenges and remain competitive in local global markets, as a ethical and sustainable producer of plantation crop products.

We won the National HRM Gold Award in year 2016, organized by CIPM, Sri Lanka at the National HR Conference 2016, been the first planation company to achieve the pinnacle award in HRM fraternity in the country, competing with all the business sectors representing industrial, manufacture and service sectors in the country. Moving beyond the boundaries further, KVPL was able be the winner of Great HR Practices at National HR conference for last two consecutive years, further expanding and strengthening our position in country's HRM fraternity.

Also, we won the Asia- Pacific HRM Gold Award in year 2017 and 2018 and one of the historical milestone in the roadmap of our Human Resource Management journey was winning Global HRM Gold Award in year 2018 at Global HRM Congress Award ceremony, been the first ever plantation business sector achieve the highest ever global recognition on HRM. Furthermore, we won the SLITAD People Development Gold Award in ear 2018, organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Training and Development and for last few years we were able to raise the flag at National Social Dialogue and workplace Corporation Awards, organized by Department of Labour, by winning highest number of Gold, Silver and Merit Awards.

Our Performance Management culture adapted within our HRM framework was recognized several years at National Business Excellence Awards, organized by National Chamber of Commerce and we were able to win Gold Award for Performance Management strategy.

At Kelani Valley Plantations PLC, we understand that it requires engaging hearts, the minds and even the imaginations of our valuable human resources in order to create the drive for our sustainable business operations irrespective of various challenges and to transform these challenges in to opportunities. By learning, observing and adopting best HR practices in our business operations around all our estates and constant benchmarking our self against competitors best practices and accepting valuable views from our employees have given the company a tremendous boost towards it's growth and success.

This achievement emphasizes the fact that company has been leading the change through implementation of series of bold initiatives to address various challenges and thereby ensuring that our plantation community is given a meaningful stake in the profitability which we defined as Responsible Profitability.