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2020 Feb

Hayleys Plantations Celebrates Employees With Best Tea Plucker Competition 2020

Celebrating the hard work and dedication of its most valuable employees in the tea sector, Hayleys Plantatis hosted the inaugural Best Tea Plucker Competition at the Radella Estate in Nanuoya. Talawakelle Tea Estaes’s Palaniselvi from the Bearwell Estate was crowned the Hayleys Planatations Best Tea Plucker for year 2020, winning a cash prize of Rs.40,000 and...

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2019 Dec

Hayleys Plantations Bags Six Awards With Gold Award For Overall Excellence

Kelani Valley Plantations PLC consolidated its reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s most respected plantation crop producers, when it was presented the Gold Award for overall excellence at the National Business Excellence Awards 2019. KVPL set a new benchmark for the sector when it bagged Gold Awards for Excellence in Performance Management, Excellence in Corporate Social...

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